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In 2015 we welcomed Governor Cuomo from NY to open their tourism and trade offices on our headquarters at Calle San Francisco 260. Shortly thereafter The Foundation decided to take a strategic and unconventional road by relocating their offices and focusing all philanthropy efforts to the rehabilitation of a 5,000 sq. ft. building located in the heart of La Perla. This building became a cultural center and our headquarters. The foundation works alongside the PR Tourism Company on the development of tours and the education of communities to be included in the tourism economy. The result in 2017 we were approved by the Community Council of La Perla and the PR Tourism Company and since then we developed the first walking tour ever of La Perla which was enjoyed by over 100 persons from the “Somos” Winter Conference in 2017. We are currently working to educate residents so as to offer music, arts by offering crafts workshops and La Perla tours to all visitors and with support from the Flamboyan Foundation we will increase our Diaspora and International Good Neighbor membership and therefore offering more services while realizing incremental sustainability…not easy but well worth the effort…changing a subculture.

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