Social compromise

We honor and treasure our community


We are proud to be part of such a gorgeous and historical community.

Old San Juan Heritage Foundation (OSHF) presents a proposal to highlight the Communities of La Isleta, Old San Juan, P.R. focusing in sharing our culture thru the arts. After Hurricane Maria the Board made a strategic decision to create sustainability for the communities of La Perla, Puerta de Tierra and Old San Juan with the goal to Rebuild and Rebrand the #1 Tourist destination site in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico as The Cradle of Hispanic Heritage the New World through Arts and Culture. Accordingly, we respectfully submit this proposal for your review and if appropriate, positive consideration.


Tourism is the primary economic engine in Puerto Rico. It paves the road to economic opportunity and stability for all, especially those located in the Tourist zone. La Perla is an overlooked and underserved community in this zone, rich with history and home to the oldest cemetery. An oceanfront community accessed by few and appreciated by even fewer due to its notorious fame as a major drug distribution center. Our objective is to help citizens from La Perla to open its oceanfront doors to share their proud history, culture, music and privileged location with The World while promoting economic development in the area.

Old San Juan Heritage Foundation Inc., is a 501c3 not for profit organization that strongly advocates for Community Development with initiatives that support the goals of creating a “Sustainable Community”. OSHF is a membership organization whose Mission is to become the premiere Cultural Heritage enterprise in Puerto Rico that connects with the Diaspora and all Good Neighbors. Our goal is to help visitors experience Old San Juan as The Cradle of Hispanic Heritage in The New World while promoting social equity and economic development in the area.

In 2015 we welcomed Governor Cuomo from NY to open their tourism and trade offices on our headquarters at Calle San Francisco 260. Shortly thereafter The Foundation decided to take a strategic and unconventional road by relocating their offices and focusing all philanthropy efforts to the rehabilitation of a 5,000 sq. ft. building located in the heart of La Perla. This building became a cultural center and our headquarters. The foundation works alongside the PR Tourism Company on the development of tours and the education of communities to be included in the tourism economy. The result in 2017 we were approved by the Community Council of La Perla and the PR Tourism Company and since then we developed the first walking tour ever of La Perla which was enjoyed by over 100 persons from the “Somos” Winter Conference in 2017. We are currently working to educate residents so as to offer music, arts by offering crafts workshops and La Perla tours to all visitors and with support from the Flamboyan Foundation we will increase our Diaspora and International Good Neighbor membership and therefore offering more services while realizing incremental sustainability…not easy but well worth the effort…changing a subculture.

Social compromise

We honor and treasure our community

  • Disaster Relief Center/Sustainable Building.

  • Education about gentrification

  • Link with Diaspora to help PR

After Hurricane Maria our foundation enhanced its mission with hands on efforts to work with the various communities of La Isleta:

  • Our volunteers and neighbors began with debris removal from day 1.

  • We serve as a community support center. We gave power to 6 neighbors surrounding our foundation building.

  • The foundation opened its doors as a communication center (with our land line) and served as cell phone recharge center.

  • Gave support for patients who needed respiratory therapy and to keep their insulin on ice.

  • As the crisis intensified, we began to store refrigeration items for the neighbors and created the community dining room to serve breakfast and a hot meal.

  • While the schools remained closed, we served as a workshop and tutorial center for the children.

  • The foundation has also received containers of humanitarian aid from the diaspora; not only for our community but for many communities on the island and we have channeled it through volunteer work.

  • We got engaged with our children and got donations of toys so that together we could enjoy Christmas.

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