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Post María Recovery Efforts

After Hurricane Maria our foundation enhanced its mission with hands on efforts to work with the various
communities of La Isleta:

  • Our volunteers and neighbors began with debris removal from day 1.

  • We serve as a community support center. We gave power to 6 neighbors surrounding our foundation building.

  • The foundation opened its doors as a communication center (with our land line) and served as cell phone recharge center.

  • Gave support for patients who needed respiratory therapy and to keep their insulin on ice.

  • As the crisis intensified, we began to store refrigeration items for the neighbors and created the community dining room to serve breakfast and a hot meal.

  • While the schools remained closed, we served as a workshop and tutorial center for the children.

  • The foundation has also received containers of humanitarian aid from the diaspora; not only for our community but for many communities on the island and we have channeled it through volunteer work.

  • We got engaged with our children and got donations of toys so that together we could enjoy Christmas.

  • Disaster Relief Center/Sustainable Building.

  • Education about gentrification

  • Link with Diaspora to help PR

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